Global Punjabi Association organizes Free Pilgrimage to Amritsar on 9 th Feb, 2013 for the differently abled people.

The Global Punjabi Association has at its core, a dream and vision of social and cultural uplift, uniting and harnessing the dynamic energies of our members to the service of the aged, the sick, the poor and downtrodden.

Global Punjabi Association has now taken a huge task by arranging a religious trip to Amritsar for people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)-A disease which affects the central nervous system (CNS) and is a debilitating but non life threatening.

The idea for this trip came from a desire expressed by our friend Amol Boriwale from Pune (who is wheel chair bound) to challenge himself and make it to Amritsar. This dream soon became a mission when other friends of Amol who are also differently abled showed their inclination to be a part of such a trip. One thing led to another and our final list includes six wheel chaired bound persons, a blind lady, a lady with Polio and a women with Multiple Sclerosis besides two senior citizens, four children and 9 volunteers to assist- a total of 24 individuals.

Amol Boriwale is a thirty year old Army Jawan who was accidently blasted by a landmine near Rajouri in 2006 when he was hardly 6 months into the armed force. He did not let this mishap deter him and today though relegated to a wheel chair, he is a celebrity with 36 Gold Medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze to his credit in National and international Para Olympic Games. He is 4 times consecutive winner in the Pune Marathon-Wheel chair Event and the only Paraplegic in the Archery event in India competing with the able bodied.

Nagarjuna Akula is a 26 year old Chartered Accountant from Aurangabad afflicted with Polio since childhood but still he is also a National swimming champion and running his own accountancy firm.

Rajiv Virat from Delhi is 33 years old and had an attack of Multiple Sclerosis about 10 years back resulting him being saddled in a wheel chair at a very young age. Now he makes a living out of training others on the wheel chair to take care of themselves by making the wheel chair an extension of the body.

Jigna Chanpura is a 37 year old who was holding a responsible executive position in HDFC Bank when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis some six years back. She had to quit her job because she could not cope with the pressures of the banking sector. Today she is at home but spends her time fruitfully creating Artefacts which she sells at Exhibition besides running a profitable designer outfit outlet from her home in Mumbai. She even participated and completed the half marathon last year in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

These are just a few examples of courage and determination from the nine brave hearts who are setting out on their lives newest adventure with the support of family and friends and the credit for making this possible for them goes to “GLOBAL PUNJAB ASSOCIATION” whose contribution is unmatchable. At short notice they have agreed to sponsor the entire trip to Amritsar including train fares, food, accommodation and local travel arrangements for three days including a special guide to show around the Golden Temple Complex.

The Global Punjabi Association is also organizing an “Ardhaas” for the success of the tour at Bandra Terminus after which the travelers will be given “Prasad” and will be presented with T-Shirts and food packets for the train journey.

The Yatris will leave for Amritsar on Saturday 9 th Feb 2013 from Bandra Terminus by Paschim Express at 10.00 a.m.

Global Punjabi Association once again creates a new step towards a social cause.

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