Lohri Di Raat


Global Punjabi Association celebrated Lohri in ethnic and true Punjabi style at Blue Roof Club, Thane on Saturday 12th January. The event commenced within invocation seeking the blessings of Waheguruji in a shabd kirtan by ragis.

A Punjabi play specially produced for the event brought nostalgia and a whiff of Punjab. The massive gathering of Punjabis was thrilled by this and the traditional ethnic experience of ladies sifting through traditional jewellery, bangles and earrings.

The highlight was the lighting of the traditional Lohri was by GPA President Shri Raaman Khuraana in the presence of around 2000 eminent Punjabis from all walks of life from 3 cities, Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

An energetic bhangra performance by a group of young Punjabi students from all o Mumbai brought the house down as crackerslit the winter sky. An electric performance by Arvinder Singh and Saira Khan, the Punjabi duo, had the audience rocking. The evening was rounded-off with mouth- watering Punjabi cusine. A wonderful, nostalgic, rocking evening by an accounts and one which brought hundreds of Punjabi families together to celebrate Lohri.



Global Punjabi Association celebrated Lohri in ethnic and true Punjabi style at Blue roof club Thane on Saturday,12th January. The event started with the blessings of waheguruji by a shabad by Ragis. A special Punjabi play was arranged to bring out the spirit of Punjabis.. Stalls of traditional bangles and earrings for ladies were arranged along with fun counters for children. The traditional lohri was lit by the President Shri Raaman Khuranaa ji in the presence of a strong gathering of around 2000 eminent Punjabis. A special bhangra performance was performed by group of young Punjabi students from all over Mumbai with crackers that illuminated the sky. On this occasion a special live singing performances were done by eminent Punjabi singers Arvinder singh and Saira khan which left the audience rocking on the dance floor. Mouth watering Punjabi cuisine was served to stimulate the taste buds of eminent Punjabis. All in all a wonderful experience to bring Punjabis together along with their families. Audiences were thrilled by this unique ethnic experience.

Raaman Khuranaa
President Global Punjabi assosciation

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