Children's Day out

‘Global Punjabi Association' organised a special movie screening event for the less fortunate & Special children

It's was quite an eventful day when ‘Global Punjabi Association' organised a ‘special movie screening of Bal Ganesha -2' for the less fortunate kids. The event was held at “Chandan Cinema' in Juhu on 12 th September, 2012 The event was attended by kids from the Dilkush Special School , Rochiram T. Thadani High School for hearing Handicapped, Utkarsh Vidyalaya for hearing impaired, Shruti's School for the deaf, Juhu Gandhigram Mumbai Public School & K.K. Raj Popat high school.

 “For most of the kids, this event was a first time experience... the movie hall, the Bal Ganesh air walker balloons, the release of thousands of balloons in the sky, it was heartening to see their smiling, upturned faces!” quoted Raaman Khuraana, President of Global Punjabi Association.

There was laughter and joy and a fun filled atmosphere inside the movie hall.

After the movie screening, the kids were given a special take away gift by the organisers ‘Global Punjabi Association'.

Outside the exit, a special bhangra performance was organized by Tony Bachher, Harbinder Singh Matharu & Kulwant Singh Warha. Members of Global Punjabi Association danced to the music of the dhol along with the energetic kids

 “We were blessed for our efforts, when we witnessed a packed auditorium with 1100 kids. This is just the beginning to a series of events to unfold, we were delighted to see the kids having a great time, ”, said Sherley Singh, one of the members who played a key role in organizing the event

Mr. Gurmukh Singh Syan and Mr. Jasvinder Singh Banwait members of the Global Punjabi Association, ensured the smooth execution of the event.

Ms. Vibha – a co-ordinator at Dilkush stated “saying that the kids had a good time would be an understatement, the kids had a fabulous time! The entire event was beautifully organized”

Mr. Sandeep – Head Master at Juhu Gandhigram Mumbai Public School was also quoted saying  “Thanks for the movie and for the fun filled arrangements”

Ms. Poonam – Principal at Rochiram T. Thadani High School for hearing Handicapped was quoted saying “The kids had a very good time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves”

 All in all, ‘Global Punjabi Association' was successful in living up to their objective of ‘bringing a smile on every face'